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Ali C 46 years old who holds a sedentary office role uses running to enable herself to get moving whilst clearing her head after a busy day at work.

"Whilst I have been running for many years, I have only recently discovered a love for trail running and in particular ultramarathons.
Whilst I am definitely no speed demon, I enjoy the challenge of longer distances – in particular how my body and brain respond to the different terrain, elevations and problems running longer distances across multiple hours can bring.
If you are considering working with a run coach, then Obree Coaching is the perfect choice. Stu's knowledge and experience of all things running is vast, allowing him to create me a balanced, bespoke and flexible programme suitable for my personal goals and circumstances. I have been working with Stu since late 2022 and look forward to seeing my new training plan every month. Bring on the hill training!"

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Jamie C 31 year old Fenix Lights UK Rep.
"I got into running through a friend. Parkrun became 10ks, which became half marathons, which grew to marathons, but I have found my love for running out on the trails.

I've been fortunate enough to find a job that works with this, being part of Fenix lighting products and selling headlamps into the running sector.

My biggest achievement to date was my first 100 miles along the South Wales Coast. It thoroughly beat me up, so for something bigger I thought it might be an idea to get some help from an expert.

I decided to work with Stu as a previous winner of Wild Horse 200 to prepare me for the off chance I am mad enough to sign up for it! Between now and then we are working on all areas, including breaking the sub 4 marathon I have still yet to crack but is well on the cards!"


Magdalena C 28 year old barrister who specialised in family law.
"I spend my days on the road to different courts around the Southeast of England, appearing in front of judges to argue on behalf of my clients as best I can.

I have a passion for the wilderness of Wales, and drive over as often as possible to enjoy it.

My dream one day is to save up to buy a place there, so that I am never far from the mountains. Although my friends don't quite understand my interest in ultras, I still make time for cocktails, dancing, paddle boarding and visiting new countries with them when I can! 
My biggest inspiration is the American ultrarunner Candice Burt, who created and popularised the 200 mile ultra distance. I hope one day to pull off that distance!"


John M 60 years old , started his running journey in his 20’s till his 30’s and eventually came back to running in his 50’s.

"When I was young it was all about 10k’s and half’s (no parkrun in those days) and the marathon , I did London back in ‘89. Since returning to running I’ve joined a club and completed a few more marathons along with Parkrun’s and last year I entered my first Ultra.

I also enjoy cycling and a swimming and have completed a couple of triathlons . Looking to see what I can achieve as a vet/master and tackle some new distances and adventures."


Sarah S 45 year old mum, with a stressful job who understands finding time for herself is very important.
"In 2019 with a new job ahead of me and extremely unfit I decided it was time to change things up. I had never run and was frequently heard to say I wasn't made for running. I quietly started a solo C25k, in those first few weeks short 2 minute runs felt impossible but I stuck at it. Like many my first 5k was parkrun in the April. The goals moved forward and in the August it was a 10k over the Severn Bridge. As Autumn arrived and the nights were drawing in I realised I would need the support of others if I was to continue with running and I joined a local running club. Training started to be a real thing and in the March 2020 I squeezed in a half marathon around my home city shortly before COVID lockdown. During lockdown, like many others, running became a reason to get out and local routes became extremely well trod! Enjoying running with others led me to undertake a leaders course and with one of my fellow club members who was training for a marathon the miles started to increase. In October 2021 I was gifted my first Marathon place, the completion of which led onto number 2 and the third was the hilly Eryri marathon. By then the hills called to me and trails became my favourite place. So with the next challenge set it was time to get some expert coaching with Obree Coaching, what seemed like a super human feat 4 years ago became possible and this year I completed my first Ultra Marathon at the HOWUM. Future challenges are set, training continues and the goals are further and faster."


Graham M 44 year old Spacecraft Controller and Running Coach.
"I've ran off and on since joining the Army in 2003. I've ran some crazy distances and prefer these over the "norm" although 100 miles is becoming for popular these days. I didn't have start working with a coach until 2019, I decided a plan I had was crazy enough to employ one. 

As a running coach myself I can see how important it is to have one if only for the accountability. I have recently started working with Stu, who has been great. Whilst my working pattern is enough to screw anyone, Stu has accommodated that and I'm loving my current plan."

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